Dogs or cats, Will not believe the smartest!!

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Pets have always been a companion of man throughout the ages. Dogs are mentioned in the Qur’an in the story of the cave owners as a companion and in humans. The walls of the Pharaonic temples are decorated with cats’ drawings;

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Scientists from the University of Vanderbilt in the United States conducted research to find out the smartest between them and the scientists found that the cerebral cortex (region responsible for thinking and planning) dogs contain neurons twice as much as in cats.

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They found that there were about 530 million cells in the cerebral cortex of dogs and only 250 million cells in cats.

« Previous experience gives us evidence that the number of cells in the cerebral cortex determines the animal’s ability to draw conclusions. For comparison, humans have about 16 billion neurons, » the scientists said.

« The results of this study showed that dogs are capable of solving the most complex problems, » said neuroscientist Susanna Herculano-Hazel.



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