Corona kills 105,000 people, USA is the hardest hit

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Corona kills 105,000 people, USA is the hardest hit

The Corona pandemic has claimed the lives of 105,000 people, and America has been the most affected

The number of deaths due to the Corona-Coved 19 pandemic exceeded 100 thousand deaths, reaching about three thousand on Saturday evening, about 105 thousand from various countries of the world, while the number of people infected with the virus in 215 countries reached about one million and 725 thousand people, while recovering from the disease Around 390 thousand worldwide.

The United States of America is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic, as the number of infected people exceeded half a million people, and it killed about 18 thousand and 820 people, while 29 thousand people recovered from it.

And in the second place for the countries that have known the most prevalence of the virus, Spain is located, where the number of infected people reached 161 thousand people, and the deaths reached 16 thousand and 480 deaths, and Spain recorded the largest recovery rate of the « Covid 19 » virus in the old continent with a total of 59 thousand recoverers.

Italy, which was suffering two weeks ago from the worst situation with the epidemic in the world, fell to the third place in the number of injuries and the second in the number of deaths, as the number of injured reached within the third day of this evening, Saturday, 148 thousand injured, and the death boat 19 thousand cases, while more than recovered About 30 thousand injured.

In turn, France is witnessing an increase in the number of injuries and deaths, registering 124 thousand injuries and 13 thousand deaths, while the number of recovery cases reached about 24 thousand, while the number of injuries in Germany reached 122 thousand injuries and 2720 deaths and more than 50 thousand cases of recovery.

The corona epidemic in the Arab world

In the Arab region, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the head of those affected by the spread of the epidemic, as the number of affected people reached 4033, of which 382 new infections during the last twenty-four hours, and the number of deaths in Saudi Arabia due to the epidemic reached 52 deaths, while 720 people recovered.

The UAE is the second most affected country by the epidemic in the Arab region, where the number of injuries reached 3736 and 20 deaths, and recovered in the Emirates about 588 injured, while Qatar ranked third with a total of 2728 injuries, while the deaths did not exceed 6 deaths Only, there were 247 cases in Qatar.

The eastern neighbor of Morocco is fourth, with the total number of HIV infection cases reaching 1761, and the number of deaths reached 256, while in Algeria 405 people recovered with « Covid 19 ».

Morocco is ranked fifth in terms of the level of virus prevalence in the Arab region, as the number of infections reached ten o’clock this morning, Saturday, 1527 cases, 110 deaths, and 141 recoveries.



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